Here's to you & your skin. Our Mailelani Simply You campaign is to honour and thank everyone who has believed in us this far. For those who like a post or shared our stories. Whether you've mentioned us to a friend once or use the words "turmeric balm" in every other sentence, this one's for… Continue reading SIMPLY YOU


Leilani Ula

A friend and very talented make up artist once posted on her instagram page a reminder that where you are now is determined on when, where and how you started. Everyone has a goal. Whether it be losing weight, getting fit, learning how to ride a bike, saving money or learning a new language, everyone… Continue reading Leilani Ula

Skin Deep: becoming a filmmaker, Uncategorized


How important is it to bring a Pasifika perspective to what you do? The world is moving at such a fast pace that now almost anything and everything goes, especially in the film industry. Cultural and gender diversity in film only became a huge deal a couple years ago because people actually started saying something… Continue reading COCONET TV FEATURE – WOMAN OF THE PACIFIC: KEZIA SALANOA


Consistency is key

Do you know how slack I am?I started writing this post 2 weeks before the end of the yearand I still haven't finished it...I've decided to leave it as it is though so please bare with it ðŸ™‚ With the New Year only days away I noticed that there are a couple things I promised myself to achieve this year that never happened. I only had three resolutions for… Continue reading Consistency is key