Sister x sister x sister

Rae Photography-39

Don’t our lashes look amazing?

We’d like to take credit for it but we can’t.

Our girls at Lashfix Eyelash & Beauty Bar do an amazing job enhancing your natural beauty with the most natural looking eyelash extensions I have ever come across.

We first met Venna and Ama (sisters and now co-workers) when they came to Samoa in 2017, when I asked Ama why us and why Mailelani this is what she said:

LashFix, is a Polynesian owned and run beauty salon. We believe in enhancing our natural beauty with a few touches – delivering empowerment to women of all walks of life.
In 2017, we wanted to collaborate with other Polynesian owned companies that shared the same passion. We found the Mailelani instagram page and instantly fell in love with their products and everything they stood for. As Christians, we felt their brand name – Mailelani “from heaven” deeply resonated with us.
We immediately messaged the instagram page to organise a time to meet.
From Melbourne, Australia we flew to Samoa to meet the Salanoa family. We shared our vision and found Mailelani was more than the perfect match, it was like a divine intervention (not to over spiritualise it lol). We love everything that Mailelani stands for, they move with purpose and intent and that’s exactly what we strive for. We discussed our vision of a photo shoot showcasing Samoan natural beauty, just like their products the whole experience was authentic and organic. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to meet the Salanoa family and excited to announce we will be stocking Mailelani products in our Port Melbourne salon this July!

I’ll be honest, when Venna (hands, brains, talent behind and owner of Lashfix) asked Kez and I if we could model for their new website photos, I was a little sceptic. I had seen many people get eyelash extensions and to me they always looked over the top, heavy and just uncomfortable.

I guess she could tell with my facial expression that I wasn’t keen so all she said was “Don’t worry they look pretty natural, look, I’m wearing them now.”


Her lashes looked, long and beautiful, but most importantly, they looked natural.

We loved every bit of the shoot – the whole lash extension process went much faster than I had anticipated, my friend Leilani of Beauty by Lani was on for make up (she’s the best) and they had hired photographer Alexia Rae to take the photos (she’s amazing btw check out her work)

Rae Photography-21
Rae Photography-3
Rae Photography-44
Product Placement

I love working with young, driven and fun people who have a goal in life and know how to reach it. It’s motivating, inspiring and refreshing.

Meeting Venna has also started to make me think about how well I was looking after my lashes. In order to maintain the extensions, I had to constantly brush my lashes, make sure I didn’t rub my eyes too often and not wear too much mascara (if any).

It really made me think about how well I actually looked after my lashes in general. After Venna, left I was kind of nervous about the lashes. I didn’t know how I would maintain them or if I could trust anyone else to fix them up. I started experimenting once the lashes started to fall out (AFTER 3 WEEKS – YES THEY LASTED THAT LONG). The coconut oil helped the lashes fall out without making my eyes look like they were balding, I also used our all purpose lip balm to relieve the urge to scratch my eyes (the peppermint relieved the itch), that’s when I realised it was also making my lashes grow longer and thicker! I’ve had a few friends try it out as well and they all say that it worked on them too.

Mailelani Tip time:

Find an old mascara brush – you can use the Mailelani soap to clean it
Apply a little bit of lip balm along your lash line and brush it through your lashes.
Apply morning and evening

NOTE: There is peppermint essential oil in the lip balm so you may feel a slight cooling sensation around your eyes. Please do not use if you are allergic to peppermint.

We are so glad and thankful to have met these wonderful sisters and so proud of their accomplishments.

We can’t wait to come and visit you one day!

All the best with your new ventures!

Much Alofa,

The Mailelani Girls.

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