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Talofa, Bonjour & Hello! Welcome to our Lazy girls skin routine blog! Where we talk about Skin care, self care and other lazy girl thoughts 😉


Here’s to you & your skin. Our Mailelani Simply You campaign is to honour and thank everyone who has believed in us this far. For those who like a post or shared our stories. Whether you’ve mentioned us to a friend once or use the words “turmeric balm” in every other sentence, this one’s for … More SIMPLY YOU

Leilani Ula

A friend and very talented make up artist once posted on her instagram page a reminder that where you are now is determined on when, where and how you started. Everyone has a goal. Whether it be losing weight, getting fit, learning how to ride a bike, saving money or learning a new language, everyone … More Leilani Ula

Smells like H O M E

As some of you may have noticed – we kinda fell off the grid for a little while. Delayed replies to emails, DMs or comments, the lack of social media posts, Le Petit café was closed… bref To tell you the truth, we were on the other side of the world celebrating our cousin’s wedding. … More Smells like H O M E


Newsletter #TWO Aloha Family! I’ve been in Hawaii for a little over 2 weeks now and I’m really loving being back here. Still adjusting to everything and trying my best to get to know people on base. The January quarter is coming to an end and we will be welcoming our new students on the … More OBEDIENCE

Chasing Dreams

Hey everyone.This post is a little bit different, not very “Mailelani” related, but Mailelani is a family business and I want to share what my sister Kezia is up to. The following two posts will be what Kezia and her journey (I will add a tab for her stories soon). enjoy! Hey friends! Thanks for … More Chasing Dreams

Consistency is key

Do you know how slack I am?I started writing this post 2 weeks before the end of the yearand I still haven’t finished it…I’ve decided to leave it as it is though so please bare with it ðŸ™‚ With the New Year only days away I noticed that there are a couple things I promised myself to achieve this year that never happened. I only had three resolutions for … More Consistency is key

Sister x sister x sister

Don’t our lashes look amazing? We’d like to take credit for it but we can’t. Our girls at Lashfix Eyelash & Beauty Bar do an amazing job enhancing your natural beauty with the most natural looking eyelash extensions I have ever come across. We first met Venna and Ama (sisters and now co-workers) when they … More Sister x sister x sister

The Honey Man

Part of Mailelani’s goal is to promote local, natural resources. One of our best sellers (locally) is our turmeric balm. Made of 100% beeswax from Samoa, we have had countless reviews and feedbacks on the amazing benefits the balm provides. Beeswax is a natural anti-inflammatory & antibacterial. It helps fight chapped skin and bacterial infections. … More The Honey Man

An actual routine

As much as we love just using soap and water to clean our faces, we do have a fragrance free facial range for those who enjoy a routine 🙂 Ok – so when my dad first created this range I used it like any other facial range I had used before; scrubbed, rinsed, cleansed, toned, … More An actual routine

Feeling ‘meh…

Kezia has left for Hawai’i. She’s going to study film at the University of the Nations for the next couple of months and I miss her a whole lot already … As you can imagine, the last week has been a week of farewell parties, big dinners, desserts and late nights. I have been eating … More Feeling ‘meh…

Coconut oil for oily skin?

This is a story I tell anyone that comes through the shop and says they want something for their face. This happened to me, I can’t promise it’ll work on all skin types, but it worked on mine 🙂 Skin. I never really paid attention to my skin. I didn’t know there was such a … More Coconut oil for oily skin?

The coconut oil process

As we had mentioned in our previous post, we were no where near being skin specialists.. we didn’t even know coconut oil was good for your skin!!! It wasn’t until a few of our customers told us how good our soap was for their skin, that we realised the multiple benefits of coconut oil. Now, … More The coconut oil process

How it all started

When people come visit our gift shop, we usually give them a tour of our little factory. We explain how it all started, how the products are made and eventually we get to the final products in our gift shop. Since most of our followers are overseas, we would love to give you a little … More How it all started

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