Consistency is key

Do you know how slack I am?
I started writing this post 2 weeks before the end of the year

and I still haven't finished it...
I've decided to leave it as it is though so please bare with it 🙂

With the New Year only days away I noticed that there are a couple things I promised myself to achieve this year that never happened.

I only had three resolutions for the year 2018 (I kept it to 3 because I wanted to be realistic.. There’s no way I could’ve achieved more.)

2018 Resolutions:

  1. Speak Samoan
  2. Be able to do 3-5 consecutive pull ups
  3. Remove toxic people from my life
Out of 3, I achieved one.

It is December 2018 and I have a level one certificate in Japanese, I don’t speak Samoan and my arms have never been weaker lol (insert applause)
As for the removal of toxic people from my life I didn’t have to put much effort into it – they just kinda walked out on their own.

How can I have not achieved my resolutions when I only kept it to THREE?

Well, just like my blog posts, I have been inconsistant in everything.
I kinda just quit crossfit using my knee injury as an excuse, but everyone knows you don’t need your knees to do pull ups –
and as for Samoan: everyone speaks English so I don’t reeeeeeeaaally have to learn it…

These are all excuses that have helped me not achieve my goals.

New Years Resolution 2019
  • In my work
  • My commitments
  • My relationships
  • My exercising
  • My eating
  • My blogging
  • My skin routine
Me not thinking about my next blog post…

Until my next burst of inspiration (hopefully next month if i’m consistant)



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