Leilani Ula

A friend and very talented make up artist once posted on her instagram page a reminder that where you are now is determined on when, where and how you started.

Everyone has a goal. Whether it be losing weight, getting fit, learning how to ride a bike, saving money or learning a new language, everyone has a goal.

When my parents first started Mailelani, they hadn’t the slightest idea on where or how to start. They moved to Samoa with a goal = to provide employment for the community or to somehow help the Samoan economy. They had an idea of what they would do once they moved their entire life to Samoa, but once they got here.. it really didn’t go as planned.

Thank God they didn’t let that discourage them. They knew they were in Samoa for a reason, they had a goal and they weren’t leaving before they accomplished it.
When the idea of creating soap came along, they could’ve brushed it off and laughed, but instead they thought “why not.. let’s just give it a go”. A year later the first Mailelani soap was created. six years later, we had a whole skin care range. Today, we have people from countries all over the world saying that they have heard about our brand.

Mailelani since 2000

This works with your skin. If your goal is to have clear skin, you’ll need to have a plan. We don’t create magic products that’ll fix all your skin irritations in seconds.
Your skin needs time, it needs planning, studying, nurturing and loving. We’re all different. We all have different skin. But in the end, we can all have the skin we want.
We just need to make an effort to be consistent, to push through, to keep going even when we see no difference and to believe that your goal can be achieved.

my journey to healthy skin here

Leilani Ula is a dear friend of mine and an incredible make up artist. She is the Wonder Woman of single mums (of three little superheroes), a helping hand in her family business, a student (yes she’s studying again), a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a giver, an avid Mailelani user and if that wasn’t enough, an entrepreneur.

Make Up by Leilani Ula

This month, she has finally launched her very own Luxury Lashes and i couldn’t be more excited for her.
Leilani has been focused on her goal since the beginning, it hasn’t been an easy road, she’s been through some heavy stuff – but that didn’t keep her from making her vision become a reality.

Tepa Lashes

I was really encouraged when i read this sentence on her page, and it reminded me of where we started.
It’s easy to start something, because in the beginning it’s exciting and new… but it’s persevering that actually leads you to achieving goals. It’s the people you surround yourself with, the words you choose to listen to and that little voice inside your head that says “keep going”.

top to bottom : Pretty Wings, Greece (2), Naturally & Lemasina
Model – Maya Lefao
Make Up & Lashes by Leilani Ula

Instagram @LeilaniUla
Website https://www.leilaniulabeauty.com/

Lots of Love


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