Here’s to you & your skin.

Our Mailelani Simply You campaign is to honour and thank everyone who has believed in us this far. For those who like a post or shared our stories. Whether you’ve mentioned us to a friend once or use the words “turmeric balm” in every other sentence, this one’s for you.

Mailelani would not be where it is today without you

so thank you

For being the faces that show off our products

For being the voices that share your skin secret

For being the ones that make Mailelani go round the word

“My dad actually discovered these amazing oils a few years ago when he was visiting family in Samoa and since then, my whole family have been using these Mailelani oils. During winter, my skin becomes dry and my eczema starts to kick in worse than ever. But since using Mailelani oil and body scrub, my skin has never felt and looked better! Even during the winter! Keep up the amazing work!”

“Absolutely love their stuff. I have super sensitive skin and the body scrub is amazing for it. It all smells amazing too!”

“A visit to Samoa is never complete without a visit to Mailelani!”

“I love Mailelani products! I discovered the coconut body oil while living in Samoa and ever since I use it daily as a face and body moisturiser.”

“After suffering eczema all my life I was introduced to the turmeric balm and I am a new person – it’s amazing and it is now the main product in my life!!”

“Best product around, always love going to see the team in Samoa”

“My husband and I LOVE your products. We work in construction and travel constantly for work. We only use your coconut oil on our body and hair and the men’s scrub in the shower. Since using you products packing and travelling with less bathroom essentials is a lot easier (I have more space for clothes) I love the scrub and LOVE IT and my skin LOVES me for it. Thank you Mailelani!!!!!”

Thank you for your kind words, your feedback, your encouragement and your loyalty.
We appreciate you all.

Mailelani is more than just my family and I.

Mailelani is all of you.

Let us know why you love Mailelani, what we could do to improve it, and what you would like to see in the future. We love hearing from you.

Stay tuned for more!

Thank you
Karla Leota @islandthrift
Charles Netzler
Litiana Toimoana
For capturing these beautiful portraits of a few members of our Mailelani extended family

Litiana T
Tuesa T- Mailelani Graphic Designer
Dave C
Leilani U
Angelica J
Amalia R
Elisabeta F
Sose F
Pepe R
Cass H
Shana S
Jono R
Brianna F
Kirsty N

2 thoughts on “SIMPLY YOU

    1. Surprisingly quite a few men use our products but i think they stay low key about it haha. we are also working on a better men’s range! It may take a little while longer than expected, but be sure to stay on the look out 🙂 Glad the turmeric balm works for you!


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