The Honey Man

Part of Mailelani’s goal is to promote local, natural resources. One of our best sellers (locally) is our turmeric balm.
Made of 100% beeswax from Samoa, we have had countless reviews and feedbacks on the amazing benefits the balm provides.

Beeswax is a natural anti-inflammatory & antibacterial. It helps fight chapped skin and bacterial infections. Beeswax is like a natural wall of protection for your skin, it seals in the moisture without clogging your pores, which helps your skin repair and replenish itself.

This balm would not have been possible to create if it weren’t for the amazing beeswax we get from The Honey Man, Mr Lester Dean. I have never in my life met anyone so passionate about bees & honey.


Lester was born in Samoa but left at an early age with his parents to New Zealand. In 1990, he decided to move back to his birth country, where worked as a catering controller for Aggie Grey’s Hotel before starting his honey business in 1995.

Tropical Honey is one of Samoa’s most popular honey – sadly, this year there has been a terrible honey shortage (insert sad emoji). This is because of the change in climate and the recent cyclones Samoa has endured.

Did you know that the Queen Bee of a hive can lay up to 1500 eggs per day! She can also tell how many eggs she should lay based on the amount of pollen available on island.

How amazing is that!

I remember asking Lester why there was a lack of honey on island and he simply said that our bees were confused. That confused me too.. so I looked up how bees work and came up with the following conclusion:
:a nastic movement (as the opening and closing of some flowers) that is associated with diurnal changes of temperature or light intensity
Because of the changes in temperature and light intensity, flowers have changed the time they open and close for the day. This is confusing our bees, leaving them unable to collect nectar, pollinate or produce honey. Climate change has altered their way of life.

to make things worse

Samoa has recently been hit by cyclone Gita, wiping out most of our big pollen producing trees i.e. Tamaligi tree. With this pollen shortage, our Queen Bees have been laying less eggs, which means less honey .

I do believe that our bees are slowly increasing in numbers as our trees start to grow back. Our turmeric balm and lip balm are not available on our online shop as we can only produce as much as the bees will let us. If you’d like to purchase one, come visit our shop in Papauta, Samoa, or drop us a line on our facebook page or email us here.

How to use turmeric balm:

  • Apply on anything that bothers you (pimples, cuts, bruises, achy joints, coughs, styes, itchy bites etc…)

I usually apply at night before bed and wake up happy – sometimes it takes 2-3 sleeps before I wake up super happy, but I eventually wake up happy.

Thank you for reading, let’s save our bees!

Tai & Kez




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