Coconut oil for oily skin?

This is a story I tell anyone that comes through the shop and says they want something for their face. This happened to me, I can’t promise it’ll work on all skin types, but it worked on mine 🙂


I never really paid attention to my skin. I didn’t know there was such a thing as acne, eczema or psoriasis.. I knew pimples were a thing, I just didn’t know they were THAT bad. It wasn’t until I got to high school and my friends started breaking out that I realised how blessed I was to have good skin. People would always compliment my skin and tell me how lucky I was to have the skin I had , but I really thought they were being dramatic and that breaking out wasn’t as tragic as they made it seem.

side note. I grew up with Mailelani.. obviously I paid no attention to it since I was so clueless *face palm*

2012, one year out of high school, I decide to leave for Switzerland, maybe it was the change of weather or the cheese (perhaps it was the chocolate), but I just started to break out. It had never happened to me before. It wasn’t that bad, but I could definitely tell that my skin wasn’t as smooth as it use to be.

2013, I’m in New Zealand and nothing has changed. I bought countless skin products, did a few facials, stopped eating sweets but still nothing worked.. It actually started getting worse.

2014, I have now been out of high school for 3 years, I’m TWENTY YEARS OLD and my face looks like I just hit puberty. By now the pimples have created ‘constellations’ on both sides of my face.
I looked like I wore too much blush and contouring all the time. At this point I’m over it, I’ve given up and I’m almost 100% sure nothing will work. I am doomed to have bad skin for the rest of my life.

*Cue sad dramatic music…..

The beginning of my very own constellation -___________- p.s Kez used a filter to try reduce the redness and yuckiness of it all

Then one glorious day my mum calls me and tells me she read an online article about coconut oil and breakouts:

So basically, your skin starts breaking out when your body creates too much sebum (body oil), the pimples form when your dead skin cells clog your pores and the oil can’t escape. The article she read said that coconut oil was a natural deep cleanser and that it travels deep down into your pores and pushes out all the impurities trapped in your skin.

I know it sounds strange.. Why would you use coconut OIL on your skin when your skin is oily enough right? She asked if I would give it a go, so I did. What did I have to lose anyway? I had tried everything else already (petty me being petty lol)

It took about 3 months, but to my surprise, it actually worked.

I’m not gonna lie, it is a really annoying process and not a fun or pretty one either.
Because the coconut oil travels deep down within your skin and pushes out the impurities, you will have more pimples than you started with – unfortunately, you can not avoid that. But once all of the impurities have been pushed out, the natural antimicrobial agents in the oil will help your skin heal your pores and any scars that have been left behind by the acne or eczema. Your skin will eventually go back to the way it was before you started high school – soft and supple like a baby’s bottom 😉

My routine was pretty simple.
Every night I would wash my face with cold water, a face towelette and Mailelani coconut oil soap, i’d then put a few drops of Mailelani coconut oil on my face, rub it in and be ready for bed.
The scent featured is the Mailelani Moso’oi (Ylang ylang) range but you can use whatever fragrance you prefer. If you have sensitive skin I would recommend you use our fragrance free, pure and simple range.

Mailelani Moso’oi (Ylang ylang) Range

That’s literally all I did and eventually it went away.

I still do this everyday and I can gladly say that I have never had a bad break out again

Pros & Cons of a coconut oil face routine

CONS: YOU WILL BREAKOUT LIKE NO TOMORROW before you see an actual result

PROS: It WILL clear up your skin

It’s not perfect skin, but there aren’t anymore constellations left 😉

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