Skin Deep: becoming a filmmaker


Newsletter #TWO Aloha Family! I’ve been in Hawaii for a little over 2 weeks now and I’m really loving being back here. Still adjusting to everything and trying my best to get to know people on base. The January quarter is coming to an end and we will be welcoming our new students on the… Continue reading OBEDIENCE

Skin Deep: becoming a filmmaker

Chasing Dreams

Hey everyone.This post is a little bit different, not very "Mailelani" related, but Mailelani is a family business and I want to share what my sister Kezia is up to. The following two posts will be what Kezia and her journey (I will add a tab for her stories soon). enjoy! Hey friends! Thanks for… Continue reading Chasing Dreams


Consistency is key

Do you know how slack I am?I started writing this post 2 weeks before the end of the yearand I still haven't finished it...I've decided to leave it as it is though so please bare with it ðŸ™‚ With the New Year only days away I noticed that there are a couple things I promised myself to achieve this year that never happened. I only had three resolutions for… Continue reading Consistency is key