Chasing Dreams

Hey everyone.
This post is a little bit different, not very “Mailelani” related, but Mailelani is a family business and I want to share what my sister Kezia is up to. The following two posts will be what Kezia and her journey (I will add a tab for her stories soon).


Hey friends! Thanks for tuning in on my very first newsletter!Just wanted to share about my time in YWAM Kona as a student of the School of Digital Filmmaking and what my next journey will look like! But first i’ll share a little about who I am 🙂

My name is Kezia Salanoa and I am 22 years old. I was born in Switzerland, raised in Samoa and am the second of three daughters (Tai, myself and Shana). My parents met through YWAM, Samoan boy meets Swiss girl, so I can say I’ve pretty much been a YWAM kid my whole life and knew that one day I’d be joining YWAM. After completing my last year of High School 2014, I decided to go straight into my DTS, Performing Arts, in Perth Australia for 6 months.

After doing my DTS (discipleship training school) in 2015, I knew that I would go into studying filmmaking but had no idea where and through a friend, found out about the school of film in YWAM Kona. So I applied and started my adventure in April 2018!The course was three months of lectures and practical exercises.

  • Every week we had different guests teach about different topics and their personal experiences in the film industry: met some of the most interesting people!
  • In our last 4 weeks of schooling we had to write, produce and direct our very own short film with a crew of 4 people and honestly as challenging as it was, it was the most incredible experience! In the span of one week we were able to Produce 10 short films.

After the lecture phase I decided to stayback and join the internship program.During these three months we wereexpected to write and film our own shorts as a school. I was involved in 8-10 shorts as; Director, 1st and 2nd Assistant Director, Gaffer, Grip and Director of Photography. We were also involved in the premiere of the film Running for Grace directed by David L. Cunningham. Other than all the film stuff, I made the best friendships and had an incredible time. My time in Hawaii ended and I came back to Samoa in October but knew that film was where God had called me to. So I applied to staff the school and was accepted!I will be headed back on the 8th of March 2019 until the 11th October 2019.

We had the opportunity to help with the Premiere of the film: Running for Grace. Directed by David L. Cunningham

Vision This is a school for storytellers. We are looking for passionate people who have a significant message to tell. If you love films and if you want to have a part in producing meaningful, relevant films for this generation, then this school is for you! We have launched dozens of students into film and television industry careers.

The School will officially start in April and so far we have had 14 accepted students! I will be staffing alongside my previous school staff a total of 8, (the student has become the teacher, sort of lol.)

How does God fit in Film?

My biggest takeaway from SDF was how much God loves creativity and arts, I mean look at all the talent he’s given us! As I mentioned above, we had a speaker share every week about their personal experiences in the industry as a christian and how God had been able to use them to minister to people. That’s when i realized that we tend to put God in a box, for example; God only wants missionaries to go to the most remote, poor or dangerous countries to reach the lost (not true) In Mark 16:15 Jesus said ‘preach the good news to ALL creation, that’s where our ministry as filmmakers come in. The most influential people in the world are usually the ones we see on screen and God wants to reach out to them just as much. Imagine seeing your favorite actors, Directors and producers as God fearing an

Position as sound mixer

What does staffing look like?

YWAM is a non profit organisation, therefore all staff are self supported. It is a big sacrifice as some staff stay committed for years. I have committed for 8 months (for now).As staff I will be teacher aid and helping the students with their academics as well as doing one on ones to help them during their time away from home. This will be my first time as staff so I don’t really know what to expect. I’m kinda nervous but excited. I know that God has put staffing on my heart for areas on and I know that he will use me in ways I didn’t know I could be used! Im excited to meet the students and to also be able to help them with their journey in film and their walk with God.

Some of you know that I have been working with Mailelani and Le petit Cafe and painting mugs as a way to fundraise for my staffing fees. Being from such a little island I have to say that it hasn’t been easy, especially after having to convert everything to USD.

But! God is faithful and I have been able to pay for my flights, Insurance and part of my first Month of rent.

This is never an easy thing to ask but here it goes!

If you would like to support me during my time or donate towards my time as staff in YWAM Kona, here are some different areas you can help in!

Rent, Food and water, transport and staff fees.  This is how much I’ve estimated I will need to be able to meet all my financial need.

Break down Monthly:

Rent $400 USD/month

Food and Water $350

Transport and other staff fees $100

If you would like to support me I would really appreciate it and would be so glad to have you on board or if you would like to make a donation that would also help immensely!


Or if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on:


Messenger: Kezia Salanoa

Thank you for making it to the end of my newsletter! I’m happy that I am able to share with you what God has put on my heart. I’m excited to keep you updated with my new adventure.

SDF class ’18

Much Alofa, Kezia

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