The coconut oil process

As we had mentioned in our previous post, we were no where near being skin specialists.. we didn’t even know coconut oil was good for your skin!!!

It wasn’t until a few of our customers told us how good our soap was for their skin, that we realised the multiple benefits of coconut oil.

Now, you need to remember that this is year 2000, coconut oil was not popular at all – it was actually frowned upon. Before organic and cold-pressed coconut oil became a ‘thing’, people had only heard of the copra oil which was made back in the early 1900s. Copra oil comes from overheating the coconut flesh causing the oil to be yellow and burnt – it was listed as a ‘BAD’ oil and frowned upon for many years.
When copra oil was made, the flesh was overheated, burning away all of the beneficial properties of the coconut, causing people to gain weight when it was consumed and clogged your pores when applies on skin – no wonder it was BAD.

Our coconut oil is cold-pressed, if you are unfamiliar with oil extraction, cold-pressed means that only 20% humidity is removed from the flesh keeping all the good properties and not overheating the fat acides. Cold-pressed coconut oil is full of antioxidants, antimicrobial agents and is an excellent moisturizer, easily absorbed by the skin.

Below is a simple diagram of how our oil is made.

Our famers in Savai’i creating some coco-nutty goodness!

Here’s a tip on choosing coconut oil (if Mailelani isn’t available 😉 )

  • If it’s yellow – it’s burnt & no good
  • If it doesn’t smell like coconut or doesn’t solidify when temperatures drop below 23ºC: it’s been genetically modified therefore not 100% natural
  • If it smells like coconut oil, solidifies, but looks murky and thick: it was probably made using the fermenting process. Which isn’t bad at all. That is how most Asian countries make their oil. They squeeze the coconut flesh, making coconut cream, and then let it ferment – after a week, the oil and water separate and only the oil is collected.
  • If it looks like water, smells like coconut and solidifies: It’s cold-pressed coconut oil


Chrystal clear, cold-pressed & organic 🙂


Now that we’ve given you a little background story on our main ingredient, we’ll be able to share tips on how we use our products on a daily basis.

Thanks for reading!

Kez & Tai









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